March 28, 2020

Get chalky.

There are so many chalk projects you can do on your balcony, garage floor/wall or driveway.

Chalk washes away with water and brush and keeps your kids occupied for hours!

Parent time

If your doing this project outside with toddlers you will need to stay and supervise.

If your kids are a older you can help set them up with some ideas and maybe some basic shapes then leasve them to it.

Kid time





Obtsacle course with shapes

Draw shapes and get your toddler to name them.

Ask them to jump from one shape to another.

Wall ocean

Draw some basic shapes to get the ocean up and running and get your kids to finish them

Give each kid a wall or floor segment to stop any arguments draw a fishing line and tell them which side of the fishing line is theirs.

Space floor

On your garage floor or balcony draw circles and stars and get the kids to add alien martians or other things to the planets, or other cosmic items.

Animal run

Draw or get your kids to draw basic animals on the floor about 50 and cm apart.

Get one kid to jump on 1,2,3 animals and call them out by name.

The next kid jumps on the same animals in the same order and calls them out.

If they are correct the first kid jumps again but this time on four animals and calls them out by name and the next kid does the same until the second kid gets one wrong then the second kid gets as many points as they were able to remember correctly.


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