Hydro Dipping

April 1, 2020

Dipping project yehaa!

There are plenty of things you can hydro dip like:

- Sneakers
- Cups
- Water bottles
- Xbox controller
- Skateboard
- Tray
- Vase


Spray paint (at least 3 colours)

Something to dip


Bowl (bigger than the thing you want to dip)


Gloves (optional)

Instructions for dipping sneakers

Remove laces from sneakers

Clean the shoes well (you can use baking soda or other cleaner)

Tape up the parts of the sneaker you don't want paint to go on (soles, innner, sides)

Tape up parts of sneaker you don't want paint to go on

Spray paint into the buckets one colour at a time and repeat until you can see a nice pattern and amount of paint

Dip your shoes, slowly and put aside to dry!


Practice on shoes you don't want or other items.

It seems easy but sometime it wont work out! But hey you have plenty of time in lock don to get this right!

Do it quickly as in the cold the spray paint will dry out

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