March 25, 2020
Little Kids

Playdough yippee.

No-one should survive their childhood without a good dose of homemade playdough that they slightly remember the taste of.

Parent time

30 minutes to mix it up and store in fridge

Kid time

Hours of fun


6 cups of plain flour

2 cups of salt

Food dye

Mixing bowl


Oil (optional)

Dettol (optional)

How to mix?

Add flour, salt and water in a dough


Only put out a little bit of play dough at a time as the kids will inevitably mix the dough into a big glump of nasty brown play dough soon enough!

But luckily you will will have more in the fridge, right?

Use cups, chopsticks or other items to let your littele one cut, shape and play.

Good luck getting flour at the shops in lock down! 6 cups is about 1kg
Mix then wrap in glad wrap in individual pieces - store in fridge for weeks!!
Time to play!

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