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April 10, 2020
Little Kids

The Toddler Bottle Puddle Muddle

What do you get when you put a toddler with a puddle and some bottles that are muddled?

Parent time

30 minutes

Kid time

One hour it depends


Plastic clear Bottles


Black marker


Little Hammer

Strong Sticky tape (not optional if you fail with nails)

Stick of wood (optional if you dont have a fence)

Camping shower (completely unnecessary)


Collect bottles from empty juice cartons or other clear plastic containers.

If you don’t own your house and your wooden fence OR you don’t have an outside then use a piece of wood to for this for this project.

Lay the bottles out in a design where you think the liquid that exits each funnel will clearly flow into the bottle below it.

Put bottles on an angle. The sharper the angle the quicker the water will flow.

Use the marker to mark out which part of each bottle you’re going to cut out.

Cut out a big portion of the top of the bottle.

Cut big holes in each bottle. Be careful about angle of cuts as you don’t want water to just fall out side of bottle.

Now nail the bottles onto the wood!

Dealing with bottles that just fall off!

Of course, within 30 seconds of my three-year-old son playing with the bottles they all came off!! So sticky tape saved the day - Not perfect but it should work for a while!

Now for the fun bit!

Give your toddler a bucket of water and a scoop and tell him/her to pour water into hole of top bottle!


Use three buckets of water and put different food coloring in each bucket so the water is different colors and give your child a scoop for each colour.

If you’re on a balcony put a bucket underneath to catch the water coming out the end. The area around this project will get wet so think about how much water you are giving to your child to play with.

The camping shower option

I picked up a camp shower from Aldi for $20. We rarely camp so we can try to put this shower to Use with our new toddler bottle bottle model device

I thought this would be particularly nice for kids in colder climates or if it’s just a chilly day and so they can have nice warm water to play with we can also control the volume of water being played with.

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