Send a letter

April 1, 2020
Little Kids

Send a letter to someone you care about

Mail: noun; letters and parcels sent by post.

What better way to reach out to family and friends then send them a personalised card in the mail from your little one.

This is a fun activity, will bring a smile to someone you care about and best of all (if you're allowed) you get to go for a walk outside with your toddler (just to the post box and back!)

Parent time

1 hour

Kid time

1 hour or so




Envelope and stamp

Paper plate and paint (optional)


Write your letter

Put paint on a plate get your toddlers hand in there then place on to paper with as much care as possible (lol).


If you do the hand paint, trial the hand to paper thing on paper rather than on the card you will use for the card then you can just cut and paste the paper into the card.

A nice loop for the child is if grandparents /aunties sent a pic of them getting the post on the other side. I was thinking it’s a nice way to connect and bring a smile to everyone in lockdown back home!

Why not send a letter to your neighbours letting them know your phone number in case they need help.

A quick walk to the post box!

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