March 28, 2020
Little Kids

Let's build a big rocketship, okay.

Grab some cardboard boxes of various shapes and sizes.

Cut windows in some sides.

Stick alfoil on some sides or on the top to make the rocket ship  shine!

Place boxes on top of each other and tell your toddler that it is a “amazing  rocket ship” and they should write or draw on it and put their toys in it to  fly to the moon

Ask your toddler to give it a name and write the name in big letters  in the side of the rocket ship.

If you have some paint and space to make a little bit of a mess then  let your toddler paint the boxes with watered down paints.  Tip:   Toddlers are happy to paint with water – ill do another post about  this soon.

Decorate your rocket ship over the coming days with anything you can  find.  We used some cardboard from  boxes from chairs we had to buy to build our overnight home office for the  kids schooling. Keep all the packing that comes with furniture as it can come  in handy for future art projects.



Cardboard boxes





Paint silver, red or other colours (optional)

Tape (optional)

Double sided tape (optional)

My son found his space ship book and put it in his spaceship!
Cut up cardboard to make windows
Add some wings!
We loved painting...
Simple or complex this rocketship can be built over days..or weeks if your stuck in the house! Add a new feature a day!

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